Survey Research products

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What is Survey Research?

A survey is a list of questions aimed at extracting specific data from a particular group of people. Surveys may be conducted by phone, mail, via the internet, and sometimes face-to-face on busy street corners or in malls. Surveys are used to increase knowledge in fields such as social research and demography. Survey research is often used to assess thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

Market Share of Survey Research products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Survey Research products and technologies. We track 15 products in the Survey Research category, and have found 26,339 companies using these products.

Survey Research
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Companies using Survey Research
Survey Research

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Product Install base
(# of companies we found using this product)
Market Share (%)
Qualtrics 7,883 29%
Survicate 6,769 25%
SurveyMonkey 6,460 24%
SurveyGizmo 2,274 8%
Polldaddy 856 < 5%
Confirmit 722 < 5%
Google Forms 674 < 5%
IBM SPSS Data Collection 191 < 5%
SurveyTracker 113 < 5%
Zoho Survey 92 < 5%
Snap Surveys 89 < 5%
Qeryz 74 < 5%
Google Surveys 70 < 5%
SurveyPro 40 < 5%
LimeSurvey 32 < 5%