Deep insights, delivered through AI

Enlyft's machine learning based propensity models predict companies that are likely to buy your solution and recommend actions that improve the likelihood of a sale.

Enlyft - Propensity Models WinRate

Our sales teams now have more context on how they should approach each account and therefore can make their sales development efforts more productive.

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360 degree view of your current and future customers

Combine Enlyft's proprietary intelligence data on millions of global companies, with in-house sales and marketing data to build models tailored for you.

Accelerate new customer acquisition and improve cross-sell efficiency

Enlyft offers customizable options to support your unique business needs, building predictive models for Whitespace, Cross-Sell and Next Logical Purchase.

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      Desktop and Mobile illustration

      Continually improve results

      Measure and improve model performance on an ongoing basis, applying feedback from real-world results.

      How Microsoft Uses AI to Increase Conversion Rates and Deal Sizes


      Higher Conversion Rates


      Greater Deal size


      Revenue Multiplier

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