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With customized Buying Signals on hiring, technology usage, funding, news and events you can identify potential customers even before they realize they need a solution. You can see where potential customers are in their buying journey and tailor your outreach and pitch to their specific needs to significantly increase your chances of winning.

Enlyft Buying Signals
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Prioritize Segments for Maximized Marketing

No more wasted time and resources on accounts that aren't ready to buy or even consider. Enlyft Buying Signals allows you to prioritize your target accounts based on the recency of signals, giving you the right target audience to maximize the conversion from marketing campaign.

By prioritizing the accounts with the most recent and relevant signals, you can start nurturing your target audience way before your competitors start stepping in.

Stay Informed with Weekly Updates

With Enlyft Buying Signals, you receive weekly email updates to keep you informed about your target accounts. With these updates, you'll receive a summary of the signals your prospects have shown recently, giving you a clear picture of their readiness to buy.

But that's not all. The weekly notifications also provide you with the top saved searches where accounts are showing buying signals. This helps you focus your team's efforts on the right segments and prioritize the most promising opportunities. With Enlyft Buying Signals, you can save time and streamline your sales process, giving you the edge you need to close deals and grow your business.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Contextual and AI Driven Buying Signals

Every prospect goes through a unique set of events before they seek out a solution, and Enlyft can help you track those events that matter the most for your business. With our customizable alerts, you can choose to receive signals on specific technology usage, funding, job openings, or new hires in specific roles.

Enlyft also offers AI models tailored to your business needs. Our models analyze the history of your existing customers to identify the most effective signals for your business. By using Buying Signals, you can stay ahead of the competition and focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities.

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AI Driven

Signal discovery that improves over time

Anticipate their needs, be their solution

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