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Enlyft's reliable data, easy to use interface and robust integrations make it essential for Sales and Marketing teams of all sizes.

Enlyft makes it incredibly easy to assess and analyze data for prospecting and marketing.

Nathan L.
Partner, JNHale


Find your ideal customers by targeting technology usage, firmographics and hundreds of company attributes.

  • Define granular Ideal Customer Profiles.
  • Build targeted audiences and account lists.
  • Automatically discover new companies matching your ideal customer profiles.
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration


Timely and actionable alerts help you focus your marketing and sales efforts on the right accounts at the right time.

  • Setup alerts for buying intent, funding, technology changes and other key company events.
  • Get notified directly in your desired workflow - Email, CRM, Browser and more.


Use deep and reliable account insights to qualify your prospects and personalize your sales messages or marketing campaigns.

  • Instant insights into which technologies your prospects are using.
  • Quickly research any company in seconds.
  • Connect with your buyers through LinkedIn or other tools.
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Company attributes

Leverage the richest, deepest and most reliable company data for more than 18+ million companies worldwide.


Effortless integrations into LinkedIn, CRMs, Marketing automation tools and more.

Propensity Models

Predict future purchase behavior using AI based propensity models.


Use intent signals to discover companies that are likely in a buying cycle.


Timely and actionable alerts to help prioritize marketing and sales outreach.

Browser Extension

Quickly research and qualify any company on their website.

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