Precise Account Targeting

Identify your target market and ideal customers with surgical precision.

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Enlyft ICP Fit UI
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Craft Ideal Customer Profiles

With Enlyft’s intuitive interface and AI models, define your TAM and craft actionable ICPs in a matter of hours—versus weeks or months with traditional approaches.

Move beyond traditional firmographics

Select from a wide array of criteria and incorporate advanced filters like technology use, industry focus, geographical data, and AI models available nowhere else.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Focus on the most promising accounts

With Enlyft’s Account Fit Score, we match your target criteria with our dynamic AI models and proprietary data – allowing you to predict accounts that are the Best Fit.

Seamlessly adapt to market changes

Facilitate dynamic refinement of your ICP based on market shifts and insights gleaned from current customers, ensuring that sales and marketing motions are always up to date.

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