NEW: You now have direct access to more AI-driven, actionable insights in Microsoft CloudAscent™

There’s a reason you’ve chosen to build your managed services business on top of Microsoft solutions.

Quite simply, there’s no better way to improve your margins, future-proof your business, and deliver value to your customers.

Now you’ll gain access to 3 million more high-potential prospects to maximize your deal size and increase your win rate

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Enlyft - Microsoft Partners

Enlyft has worked with Microsoft to develop a proven, customer intelligence platform to specifically help MSPs by:

  • Maximizing the number of “best fit” accounts most likely to choose your managed services
  • Identifying and tracking key buyer intent signals so you know when to engage
  • Suggesting the most effective way to engage them (including specific sales plays identified by Microsoft)
Enlyft - Microsoft Partners Deal Size


Of the millions of companies worldwide, how do you know which ones are primed and ready to adopt Microsoft cloud solutions?

Humans don’t scale. That’s why Enlyft compiles more than 14,000 business attributes to be interpreted by AI algorithms and predictive models already tested and proven to work.

You’ll gain key insights into 3 million high-potential prospects, scored and validated every month.

Enlyft - Microsoft Partners Discover
Enlyft - Microsoft Partners Segment


Your managed services business is unique, and so is the value you offer. How do you know when it’s the perfect time to approach each account?

Enlyft enables highly efficient targeting, not only identifying which accounts to prioritize, but also providing the context around why and when to approach them.


You have a lot of competition and can’t afford to miss the signals that tell you what specific pain points, business needs, and technology integrations are most important.

Enlyft guides your sales team with specific recommendations already integrated with Microsoft sales plays to maximize customer acquisition.

Enlyft - Microsoft Partners Engage

Interested in the NEW Microsoft Partner Solution?

As a user of Microsoft CloudAscent, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to one of the most comprehensive customer databases available, covering more than 14 million companies worldwide, scored and updated monthly
  • AI-powered insights and Microsoft-specific customer acquisition models
  • Easy access via a intuitive UI and direct APIs with your CRM system, including recommended Microsoft sales plays for each opportunity
  • All of the above offered at a significant discount. Per-user pricing is $150/month (annual subscription required)


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