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What is Ad Servers?

The Ad Server helps manage display advertisements. It is a service or technology for a company that takes care of the ad campaign programs by receiving the ad files and allocating them to different websites based on criteria such as the dates by which the campaign has to run on a website, the rapidity with which an ad is to be spread, the geographic location targeting and language targeting goals. There are different types of ad servers. A Publisher side Ad Server helps publishers launch a new ad on a website by listing the highest ads' price on its and to follow the ad's growth by registering how many users it has reached. An Advertiser side Ad Server helps advertisers in sending the ads in the form of HTML codes to each publisher. In this way, it is possible to open the ad in every moment and make changes of frequency for example, at all times. Lastly, there is an ad server for ad networks that provides information as in which network the publisher is registering an income and which is the daily revenue.

Market Share of Ad Servers products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Ad Servers products and technologies. We track 26 products in the Ad Servers category, and have found 150,184 companies using these products.

Ad Servers
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Companies using Ad Servers
Ad Servers

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Product Install base
(# of companies we found using this product)
Market Share (%)
OpenX 81,552 54%
OwnerIQ 21,160 14%
Sizmek 17,003 11% 10,980 7%
Eyereturn Marketing 3,561 < 5%
Admixer.Publisher 3,457 < 5%
Oath ad server 2,008 < 5%
Smart AdServer 1,779 < 5%
AdsWizz 1,476 < 5%
DoubleClick for Publishers 1,471 < 5%
BrightRoll 1,116 < 5%
AdButler 1,071 < 5%
Amobee 827 < 5%
sovrn 584 < 5%
AdOcean 430 < 5%
LiveRail 390 < 5%
Adzerk 337 < 5%
AdSpeed 290 < 5%
AdsNative Enterprise 276 < 5%
Instinctive 241 < 5%
AdvertServe 63 < 5%
MadAdsMedia 43 < 5%
VertaMedia 37 < 5%
GTxcel 12 < 5% 10 < 5%
IndustryBrains 10 < 5%