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What is Workload Automation?

Workload automation, a modern form of a job scheduler, is a computer application for controlling unattended background program execution of jobs. This is commonly called batch scheduling, as execution of non-interactive jobs is often called batch processing, though traditional job and batch are distinguished and contrasted; see that page for details. Other synonyms include batch system, distributed resource management system (DRMS), distributed resource manager (DRM), and, commonly today, workload automation. The data structure of jobs to run is known as the job queue. Modern workload automation job schedulers typically provide a graphical user interface and a single point of control for definition and monitoring of background executions in a distributed network of computers. Increasingly, job schedulers are required to orchestrate the integration of real-time business activities with traditional background IT processing across different operating system platforms and business application environments.

Market Share of Workload Automation products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Workload Automation products and technologies. We track 10 products in the Workload Automation category, and have found 13,657 companies using these products.

Workload Automation
Workload Automation
Companies using Workload Automation
Workload Automation
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    Product Install base
    # of companies we found using this product
    Market Share
    BMC Control-M 10,029 73%
    Quartz Scheduler 1,862 13%
    ORSYP 790 < 5%
    Stonebranch 290 < 5%
    ASG Zeke 290 < 5%
    CA JCLCheck 164 < 5%
    AutoSys 93 < 5%
    IBM Cloud Orchestrator 51 < 5%
    IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager 48 < 5%
    IBM Workload Automation 40 < 5%

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