Web Servers products

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What is Web Servers?

The primary function of a web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to clients. The communication between client and server takes place using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Pages delivered are most frequently HTML documents, which may include images, style sheets and scripts in addition to text content.

Market Share of Web Servers products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Web Servers products and technologies. We track 12 products in the Web Servers category, and have found 7,485,471 companies using these products.

Web Servers
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Companies using Web Servers
Web Servers

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Product Install base
(# of companies we found using this product)
Market Share (%)
Apache httpd 4,509,999 60%
nginx 1,788,305 23%
IIS 881,797 11%
Litespeed 166,790 < 5%
LiteSpeed Web Server 111,066 < 5%
Sun ONE Web Server 12,002 < 5%
The Tengine Web Server 4,742 < 5%
Lighttpd Web server 4,480 < 5%
Tengine 3,150 < 5%
Resin 1,559 < 5%
Caddy Server 1,541 < 5%
MAMP 40 < 5%