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6,095 Companies

What is Shipping Automation?

The term "shipping" originally referred to transport by sea, but is extended in American English to refer to transport by land or air as well. Shipping Automation refers to systems and software that is used in last part of fulfilling an order by means of freight shipment. Often Shipping Automation software may expand its function into order management, warehouse management and inventory management.

Market Share of Shipping Automation products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Shipping Automation products and technologies. We track 8 products in the Shipping Automation category, and have found 6,095 companies using these products.

Shipping Automation
Shipping Automation
Companies using Shipping Automation
Shipping Automation
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    Product Install base
    # of companies we found using this product
    Market Share
    Neopost 2,455 40%
    ShipStation 2,437 39% 796 13%
    Narvar 228 < 5%
    DesktopShipper 53 < 5%
    Shippit 53 < 5%
    ShippingEasy 51 < 5%
    VeriShip 22 < 5%

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