Natural Language Processing (NLP) products

2,305 Companies

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, and, in particular, concerned with programming computers to fruitfully process large natural language corpora. Challenges in natural language processing frequently involve natural language understanding, natural language generation (frequently from formal, machine-readable logical forms), connecting language and machine perception, dialog systems, or some combination thereof.

Market Share of Natural Language Processing (NLP) products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Natural Language Processing (NLP) products and technologies. We track 16 products in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) category, and have found 2,305 companies using these products.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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Companies using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Product Install base
(# of companies we found using this product)
Market Share (%)
MXNet 758 32%
Apache OpenNLP 569 24%
Stanford CoreNLP 274 11%
Deeplearning4j 168 7%
Google Translate API 122 < 5%
TextBlob 116 < 5%
LingPipe 67 < 5%
NLTK 66 < 5%
Synthesys 47 < 5%
Apache cTAKES 32 < 5%
FuzzyWuzzy 26 < 5%
IBM Watson Knowledge Studio 16 < 5%
spaCy 12 < 5%
Google Cloud Natural Language API 11 < 5%
IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding 11 < 5%
The Stanford Parser 10 < 5%