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13,944 Companies

What is Help Authoring?

A Help Authoring Tool or HAT is a software program used by technical writers to create online help systems. The output from a HAT can be either a compiled Help file in a format such as WinHelp (*.HLP) or Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (*.CHM), or non compiled file formats such as Adobe PDF, XML, HTML or JavaHelp.

Market Share of Help Authoring products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Help Authoring products and technologies. We track 11 products in the Help Authoring category, and have found 13,944 companies using these products.

Help Authoring
Help Authoring
Companies using Help Authoring
Help Authoring
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    Product Install base
    # of companies we found using this product
    Market Share
    Adobe RoboHelp 6,716 48%
    Madcap 3,608 25%
    Madcap Flare 2,829 20%
    WebWorks ePublisher 223 < 5%
    Paligo 185 < 5%
    Web Manuals 118 < 5%
    Anark 76 < 5%
    easyDITA 71 < 5%
    HelpNDoc 58 < 5%
    Cortona3D 46 < 5%
    Dr.Explain 14 < 5%

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