Electronic Design Automation products

28,696 Companies

What is Electronic Design Automation?

Electronic design automation (EDA) is a category of software tools for designing electronic systems such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. The tools work together in a design flow that chip designers use to design and analyze entire semiconductor chips. EDA is also referred to as electronic computer-aided design (ECAD).

Market Share of Electronic Design Automation products

At enlyft, we use sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms to track the use of various Electronic Design Automation products and technologies. We track 10 products in the Electronic Design Automation category, and have found 28,696 companies using these products.

Electronic Design Automation
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Companies using Electronic Design Automation
Electronic Design Automation

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Product Install base
(# of companies we found using this product)
Market Share (%)
Agilent Technologies 7,709 26%
Altium 6,275 21%
RSLogix 5,699 19%
Mentor Graphics 3,034 10%
Cadence 2,554 8%
Synopsys 2,090 7%
Zuken 673 < 5%
Aldec 300 < 5%
Silvaco 300 < 5%
Apache RedHawk 62 < 5%