About Ascend Consulting-Inc.(PA)


Ascend Consulting is a professional services firm providing Executive, Team and Career Coaching, leadership training and development, and personal consultation to Executives and self-employed professionals. Marjorie helps clients advance their careers by teaching them how to set clear business goals, navigate organizational dynamics, build High Value Creating teams and improve focus and overall performance. Marjorie, the President of Ascend Consulting, applies Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ Judith Glaser) in her Executive and Team Coaching. She utilizes various assessment tools to uncover leaders' and teams' strengths, goals, and opportunities for development. Under her guidance: * Leaders seeking greater business success can improve their communication skills, personal productivity, decision-making, social interactions, public speaking, and work-life balance, thus realizing their full potential as their careers advance. * Individuals looking to change careers, whether they are 20-somethings or seasoned professionals, are helped to identify, develop into, or transition to challenging, enjoyable “best fit” careers. * Entrepreneurs wanting to take their businesses to the next level learn and practice specific strategies and techniques to achieve the success they dream of. * Organizations develop their employees and teams to perform more effectively under stressful conditions, improving collaboration and communication across teams . An expert in using Mindfulness to enhance Emotional Intelligence and leadership effectiveness, she created the CD, Come to the Quiet: Mindfulness Meditation for Relaxation and Healing. It is applicable to both personal and professional endeavors and is available for purchase at www.ascendconsulting.net.

Revenue : 0M-1M Industry : Professional Training & Coaching Location : United States Employees : 1-10

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Vendor Usage

Ascend Consulting-Inc.(PA) uses 5 different technologies from 36 different vendors. They have above average use of several technologies including Java, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SharePoint.

Product Categories

Ascend Consulting-Inc.(PA) uses products from 29 different product categories. They are particularly heavy users of products in Software Frameworks, Computer-aided Design & Engineering, and Identity & Access Management.

Recently Detected Technologies

Enlyft tracks the use of over 15,000 technologies and has proprietary data on over 18 million companies worldwide.

Technology Category Vendor Usage
Java Programming Languages Oracle
Searchmetrics Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Searchmetrics
SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence SAP
QuickBooks Online Accounting Intuit Inc.
Oracle Waveset Identity & Access Management Oracle

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