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The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is one of the world’s most highly-regarded evidence-based parenting interventions, used by millions. It has been named by the United Nations as the most extensively researched program of its kind, with positive results in hundreds of evaluation studies. HIGH-QUALITY PARENTING AND EARLY EDUCATION CAN CHANGE LIFE OUTCOMES. • Childhood trauma is now known to increase the likelihood of poor mental and physical health, and related issues such as crime, suicide, teenage and adult mental health problems and substance abuse. • Early intervention is important, but prevention is even better. • Secure attachment and a positive learning environment support greater academic achievement (and social mobility for children from disadvantaged families). • Evidence-based parenting support has been found to be effective in treating ADHD symptoms and conduct disorders. The Triple P System offers proven solutions. Developed by clinical psychologist Professor Matt Sanders and colleagues at the Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland (Australia), Triple P is supported by more than four decades of ongoing research conducted by 447 academic institutions in 37 countries. The Triple P System, a suite of programs offering varying levels of support, is scalable and flexible, with online options – so the right level of parenting support can reach an entire community or region efficiently and effectively. Triple P International (TPI) is also at the forefront of implementation science, providing agencies with tools and systems to monitor and improve sustainable program delivery. TPI is a Certified B Corporation®. Supporting parents doesn’t just reduce the rate of child maltreatment and neglect. Optimizing children’s emotional wellbeing helps create greater social cohesion, community capacity, and better outcomes for individuals — and entire regions.

Revenue : 1M-10M Industry : Professional Training & Coaching Location : Australia Employees : 50-200

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Triple P International Pty Ltd (Positive Parenting Program) uses 5 different technologies from 37 different vendors. They have above average use of several technologies including Java, Python and Oracle E-Business.

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Triple P International Pty Ltd (Positive Parenting Program) uses products from 32 different product categories. They are particularly heavy users of products in Email Communications Technologies, Cloud Platforms & Services, and Programming Languages.

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Enlyft tracks the use of over 15,000 technologies and has proprietary data on over 18 million companies worldwide.

Technology Category Vendor Usage
Java Programming Languages Oracle
Python Programming Languages Python Software Foundation
Oracle E-Business Enterprise Applications Oracle
Vodafone Global Connectivity Unified Communications Vodafone
Trend Micro Endpoint Security Trend Micro Incorporated

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