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Information and Communication Technology is an Engineering Branch that came into existence with a mission to provide a wider perspective on the nature, use, and applications of technology to the living world. ICT epitomizes the conjunction of Computer and Communication systems which is one of the most rapidly flourishing and evolving disciplines of engineering. ICT course explores the combined study of Hardware and Software engineering-related subjects. In the present era of technological advancement, it is a need of time to explore a technique to manage the bulk of information (data), analysis of data, fast and secure communication of information, machine intelligence for prediction of futuristic events from available information. Simultaneously, modern hardware technologies demand knowledge of minimization in size, energy-efficient, secure communication devices for a single node or network of systems. The course structure gives flexibility to students to choose subjects of their interest from the pool of software programming, electronics hardware, network and security, communication systems, and data science. ICT course is offered in Gujarat in various institutions like DAIICT, PDPU, ADANI, GTU, Marwadi University, etc. For any Detail about ICT Engineering... Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/IctMarwadiUniversity/ Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/ictmarwadiuniversity/ YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/ICTMarwadiUniversity/ LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ict-mu-a989311a9

Revenue : 1M-10M Industry : Education Management Location : United States Employees : 10-50

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Vendor Usage

ICT - Marwadi University uses 5 different technologies from 258 different vendors. They have above average use of several technologies including Symantec Endpoint Protection, Java and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Product Categories

ICT - Marwadi University uses products from 213 different product categories. They are particularly heavy users of products in Operating Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and IT Management Software.

Recently Detected Technologies

Enlyft tracks the use of over 15,000 technologies and has proprietary data on over 18 million companies worldwide.

Technology Category Vendor Usage
Symantec Endpoint Protection Endpoint Security Symantec
Java Programming Languages Oracle
Oracle Fusion Middleware Enterprise Application Integration Oracle
Perl Programming Languages Perl
Python Programming Languages Python Software Foundation

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