How to set up Custom LinkedIn Search (LinkedIn Free Version)

See instructions for setting up LinkedIn Sales Navigator version here.

Enlyft’s integration with LinkedIn enables you to reach key decision makers in each account with a single click.

Once you set up your integration, you can click on "Find key contacts Custom LinkedIn search" link in the extension to see relevant buyer profiles on LinkedIn.

How to Setup Custom LinkedIn Search (Free Version)

In preparation for adding a Custom LinkedIn Search, update the keywords used in the below URL examples (example words sales, marketing) with applicable titles, functions, keywords. etc. (e.g., Chief, Vice President, Director).

Single Keyword

To search for a single keyword, add the keyword at the end.

  • Example:

Multiple Keywords

To search for multiple keywords where both keywords need to be matched, add the keywords to the end and separated by comma.

  • Example:,marketing

To search for multiple keywords where either keyword needs to be matched (results in expanded search results), keywords need to be separated with %20OR%20.

  • Example:

To search for one keyword and exclude another keyword (sales needs to be matched, all results including marketing need to be excluded) - separate search terms with %20NOT%20.

  • Example:

To search for a multi-word term like "information technology" as an exact search term.

  • Example:

Note: There is no need to update or add a company name in the URL. The company name will be accounted for when you search via the Enlyft account insight page or Enlyft Chrome Plugin.

Once you are satisfied with your LinkedIn search criteria, copy the URL from your browser and continue with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Enlyft browser extension.
  2. Click on the configuration icon to the left of the LinkedIn link
  3. Click on Edit under the "Custom Linkedin Search" section
  4. Insert the link you copied from above into the “LinkedIn search URL” field.
  5. Under “LinkedIn Type” select “LinkedIn Free Version”
  6. Click on "Save Changes"

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