Lead Quantity or Quality? Yes, please.

There should be no trade-off between lead quality and lead quantity. You want – no, need – both. Carrying high quota means high pressure. And Marketing needs to understand that.

The reality is, Marketing does understand your pressures. Increasingly, they face them, too.

Fortunately, data-driven modeling and predictive analytics are making it easier than ever to align these two disciplines.

Go from finger pointing to high fives

It’s all about alignment. If Sales and Marketing aren’t moving in the same direction, you see a lot of wasted motion and very little progress.

  • Develop and agree on your ideal customer profile (ICP).

    Using more than 11,000 business attributes and buying signals, you can jointly build an ICP with Marketing so they know exactly what you need.
  • Make your CRM system smarter.

    You’ll enjoy a whole new level of intelligence with custom lists of target accounts, “act now” triggers based on buying intent signals, and messaging suggestions based on likely areas of buying interest.
  • Design outreach and interactions for greater response.

    You can identify shared topics of interest and share better insights with your prospect to drive them deeper into the buying process.
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