Same Old Ask: What have you done for Sales lately?

Half the battle in Marketing is working well with Sales. To hear Sales tell it, the leads Marketing gives them are…well, terrible.

So now you’re defending your targeting approach, campaign plans, and lead scoring model – often with the C-Suite looking on.

Fortunately, data-driven modeling and predictive analytics have made this an argument you can win – or even avoid altogether

Fuel up your revenue engine with high-quality leads

It’s all about alignment. If Sales and Marketing aren’t moving in the same direction, you see a lot of wasted motion and very little progress.

  • Develop and agree on your ideal customer profile (ICP).

    Using more than 11,000 business attributes and buying signals, you can jointly build an ICP with Sales that explicitly outlines what kind of leads to deliver.
  • Build unbiased lead scoring models.

    Instead of relying solely on static firmographic data, you can leverage machine learning for pattern recognition and weighting of lead scoring variables.
  • Equip your sales team with insights.

    Load lists of target accounts into your CRM system with “act now” triggers based on buying intent signals, along with key messages personalized to each buying group.
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