Finally. A Waterfall that Shows Actual Demand

Some call it a demand waterfall; others call it a sales funnel. Whatever its name, most B2B sales and marketing pros know it’s critical to defining and measuring how effectively you are acquiring new customers.

But that’s only if you populate the top of the waterfall with solid prospects. Otherwise, you’re wasting precious time and money filtering out poor opportunities that should have never been there to begin with.

Tighten up your Demand Waterfall

The more business attributes you can filter for, the more targeted your marketing efforts. And as the accuracy of your demand waterfall improves, so will lead quality, conversion rates, and – eventually – win rates and deal sizes.

  • Take the guesswork out of targeting.

    You’ll not only discover your best accounts out of millions, you’ll know why they are such a great fit.
  • Focus your time and marketing efforts on the right accounts.

    You can instantly prioritize your accounts based on more than 11,000 firmographic, technographic, and other business attributes.
  • Reach the right customers at the right times.

    You can determine which accounts are actively in the market for your products and services by analyzing buying intent signals.
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