From Complex Researches to Effortless Prospect Qualification : the Resourcely journey towards higher conversions

July 17, 2023


Resourcely is for developers, security and compliance teams, and anyone wishing to secure and maintain cloud infrastructure while enhancing productivity. By leveraging secure-by-default resource template, Resourcely empowers users to  keep infrastructure secure and compliant to prevent misconfiguration from the start. Resourcely also enables tracking the creators and statuses of resource pull-requests from one interface, reducing context switching and supporting audit requirements, 


Resourcely enables developers to provision cloud resources that are secure and compliant by design, enhancing developer productivity and reducing the risk of a security breach. Identifying the right set of companies that aligned with their ICP required hours of intensive research for information on tech stacks, buyer personas, firmographics and other insights. In spite of all the efforts of researching, mapping and arriving at insights, prospecting and qualifying companies remained complex, and the results did not meet their expectations. 

With the objective of reaching out to companies that are closely aligned with their ICP, the team at Resourcely started looking for a tool that would provide tech stack and cloud usage information to qualify potential customers. To improve their productivity and conversion rates, data with high accuracy was also a significant factor of consideration. 

Lily says, “We spent a lot of time and energy searching for lists with tech stack information, but our results were less than we expected. So we began looking for solutions to simplify our prospecting efforts at a reasonable cost. A few solutions that we evaluated initially were too expensive, slow, and had a clunky experience.” team


Lily found Enlyft while researching how to discover a company's tech stack. 

“As a Product Manager for almost 2 decades, I know when I see a product that can give me what I want, with the least effort. Enlyft gave me those strong signals. It’s quick, accurate & easy to adapt to.” - Lily Johnson, Product Operations,

In addition to Technographics, Enlyft also provides a range of insights, including key indicators such as employees, revenue, spends on IT, etc; and helps identify who to reach out with Buyer Persona. 

“Our product is terraform-based, so that is one of our critical tech-stack requirements to qualify our ICP. We also evaluate the company's size, annual revenue, and geographic location. Having this information all in one place is fantastic! Enlyft is a great tool. It’s easy to use”, says Lily.

After the demo, the team at Resourcely was good to start with minimal training. A few minor issues encountered were quickly responded to and resolved by Enlyft’s customer success team, which the Resourcely team has been highly appreciative of. 


With Enlyft, the team at Resourcely got all the required tech information along with the valuable insights, all in one place. This saved a lot of time, because the Resourcely team stopped spending long hours on Google searches. 

“Enlyft also gives us access to high-quality data and necessary insights to target the right personas. The information accuracy and conversions make the price worth it. Enlyft is better than its competitors, which are more expensive and not as intuitive.” - Lily Johnson, Product Operations

 Resourcely used the Enlyft solution and insights in their outreach activities and the results have been very promising : 

  • a positive response from 35% of the leads 
  • 10% translating to demos

With further optimisation, the team is confident of achieving higher conversions.

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