Building a Solid Foundation: IT Voice's Shift from One-Time Lists to Data Intelligence with Enlyft

August 16, 2023


IT Voice brings technology down to its simplest form making Managed IT, Voice, Security, Cloud work harder, solve smarter, and extend farther. IT Voice recognizes that every company has different needs based on its line of business, size, and budget and has carefully chosen to represent only the best and most dependable systems on the market. Delivering peace of mind by designing, implementing, and maintaining complex business IT solutions making everything work together seamlessly.


IT Voice simplifies technology for their customers with four main offerings; Managed IT, Voice, Security, and Cloud. For their Voice solution, the initial requirement was of a lead database,  for a specific technology that the  team wanted to target. Having hired an SDR, the approach that was planned was slightly old-school, to run through large lists and achieve high call volumes each day with cold-calling. The budget was also set out for a one-time list. 


What started with a search for various one-time list providers, led the team to AI powered, data mining based, prospecting solution providers such as Enlyft.

“Our demo call with Enlyft helped open our eyes to a broader solution as opposed to our initial requirement of a one-time list. Though a one-time list is a lot less expensive, it gives only a one-time view. When we went through the Enlyft solution, we realized that it could be used for many more use-cases.” - Michelle, Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director, Michelle was also considering a more long term solution and wanted to explore a lead generation software soon enough. From defining the Buyer Persona to understanding Buying Intent and Technology Insights, Enlyft covers a broad spectrum of use-cases cutting across Marketing and Sales teams. The  impressive suite of functionalities stood out when compared to the other competitors the team evaluated.

Budget was a factor of consideration since we had started this search with a one-time list. However, given the width of use-cases that Enlyft would enable us to cover, investment in the platform was a no-brainer.  

“We saw that we could leverage the capabilities of the Enlyft platform, specifically the Technology Insights, to have a very focused approach with our Sales and Marketing efforts, that would save us the need for deploying multiple other tools. After deploying Enlyft for our Voice solution, we could also explore extending it to our other solutions. Therefore, the investment made sense to us from a growth standpoint,” says Brian Flanagan, COO, IT Voice.


After an initial onboarding session, the team at IT Voice was given the tools they needed for continued success. They started working through the Buyer Personas for different use-cases, fine-tuning, segmentation by geographies and building campaigns for marketing outreach. 

“The support extended by the Customer Success team at Enlyft is one of its kind with continued support and training leading to the adoption of the solution by multiple users and extending it to a further set of users,” says Michelle.

Following the recent acquisitions, driving Hubspot adoption has been a significant project within the organization. Enlyft’s integration with Hubspot is a key factor for the team at IT Voice for building their prospecting dashboards with insights from Enlyft.

“During the process of our evaluation for the right software, we soon changed our approach from dealing with high lead volumes for cold-calling and outreach to a more Marketing driven approach of identifying the target accounts and passing them on to the sales team. We also decided to extend a few Enlyft user licenses to the Sales Account Executives for further qualification and prospecting. Since the shortlisted accounts can be seamlessly exported into our CRM, it was received by our AEs with great excitement and we are planning to get additional licenses,” says Michelle. 

Both the sales and marketing teams at IT Voice are now prospecting significantly with Enlyft and they are considering expanding the footprint as they grow.

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