From Data and Insights to Action: The InVerbis Advantage with Technographics

June 28, 2023


It’s challenging to keep track of all the business processes. Chances are they are not being followed the way you designed them. What is happening in real-life? How can you improve the way they are being executed? InVerbis helps you discover the solution to these questions and improve the operational performance with the most flexible Process Mining platform in the market. InVerbis focuses on niche technologies within specific industries. 

Team InVerbis after they were s
Team InVerbis awarded for Best Technology Transfer 2023 by The Royal Galician Academy of Sciences


Process Mining is a discipline of Artificial Intelligence which studies certain algorithms and data models that make it possible to discover and represent the real performance of processes in organizations in order to improve their efficiency. InVerbis focuses on niche technologies and processes within specific industries such as Healthcare, Aviation, Automobile etc. 

Despite conducting multiple searches, employing various approaches, and engaging in tedious processes, the task of identifying the total addressable market (TAM) and ideal customer profile (ICP) for effective targeting remained complex. The process was not only time consuming and effort-intensive but also lacked sufficient information, making it even more challenging for InVerbis to pinpoint their target audience accurately.

The primary objective for the team at Inverbis was to avoid making more cold calls or launch large ad campaigns without gathering sufficient information and insights about their prospects. Gonzalo wanted to focus on improving three key elements of their business: 

  • Quality Targeting
  • Sales Productivity
  • Win Rates


The team at Inverbis was following a very tedious and cumbersome research process to map companies using a specific combination of technologies. 

We were evaluating platforms that provided Technographics data and could help simplify our search for a targeted set of technologies, and Enlyft turned out to be the one we found easier to use and with the best support. The insights proved extremely valuable and facilitated the process of defining an effective go-to-market strategy” - Gonzalo, CEO, InVerbis

Enlyft’s Platform provided Inverbis with the necessary tools to gather essential insights for targeting the right businesses, by examining the IT stack of corporations, analyzing manager titles, and exploring LinkedIn profiles, all in a simplified manner.

We could arrive at a comprehensive list for targeting, based on a narrow tech stack combination using the Technographics that Enlyft offers. This, along with the overall insights and demo data was so good that we chose Enlyft over the other solutions. The Enlyft team has been very attentive and responsive to our specific technology requirements, making dedicated efforts to enhance the depth and accuracy of the data they provide” - John Wallace, Head of Sales, InVerbis


Enlyft played a pivotal role in empowering InVerbis to identify their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and uncover their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) using technographics and other deep insights. Through these valuable insights InVerbis was able to tailor their sales strategies to effectively engage key decision makers across various organizations worldwide.

Working with Enlyft has enabled us to research a corporation's IT stack and effectively address the relevant business case to more than one individual or department. This approach increases our chances of capturing the attention of our prospects while minimizing friction and intrusiveness” - Gonzalo, CEO, InVerbis

The three key elements that the Inverbis team loves about Enlyft: 

  • Accurate and Excellent Database of Technographics Data. This valuable resource enabled them to gain comprehensive insights into the technology stacks and preferences of their target customers.
  • Very Supportive Onboarding from the Enlyft team that has been readily available to guide them through the platform, ensuring that they make the most of its features and offering prompt assistance to address their questions making the onboarding experience seamless and productive.
  • Ease-of-Use: Enlyft offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that make it effortless to navigate and extract meaningful information. The platform's simplicity has been instrumental in maximizing productivity and efficiency of the team at Inverbis.
Enlyft Platform’s extensive coverage has also helped us with our vast geographical coverage. For instance, when you are founded and located outside the United States, researching corporate information is harder. With Enlyft, we can plan sales and communication actions using in-depth information and insights, in the United States as well as key international markets.  Given the niche nature of our business proposition, that depth of insights and level of detail makes a significant difference in our ability to connect with potential customers” - John Wallace, Head of Sales, InVerbis

For Inverbis, Enlyft has been a tremendous time saver by eliminating the need to spend hours researching and gathering market insights and allowing them to focus on tailoring sales actions specifically to the type of organizations that Inverbis wants to target. Through our ongoing collaboration, we are dedicated to elevating the quality of prospects and optimizing sales productivity.


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