From guesswork to informed decisions: Proprietary data will get you there

May 1, 2024

Few among us can afford to waste time and resources by targeting prospects who may not be ready to buy.  

But teams can stay ahead of the curve by uncovering hidden buyer intent and focusing their efforts on prospects who are actively in the market for their solutions.  

With the power of proprietary data, sales, marketing, and go-to-market leaders can gain unprecedented insights into buyer behavior and accelerate customer acquisition.  

Lean into data, not hunches

Enlisting the help of a proprietary data platform can be a game-changer. Sales and marketing professionals can make informed decisions based on actual buyer intent—rather than speculation—by getting access to real-time information on:

Connect with the person behind the name

Businesses can identify prospects who are actively researching or evaluating their solutions by analyzing various data points, including technology usage, website activity, social media engagement, and purchasing patterns.  

This insight allows sales teams to prioritize their efforts, focusing on leads that are most likely to convert, and crafting targeted messages that resonate with the specific pain points of these prospects.  

Get personal with your campaigns

Through the power of propensity models, organizations can get personalized messaging that speaks directly to the needs and interests of each of their prospects.  

When dedicated machine learning-based models leverage comprehensive account insights from a trusted data platform, they can combine with customer history to predict future outcomes.

Access should be easy

The seamless integration of proprietary data into existing tools helps sales and marketing teams to enrich records, keep data fresh, and easily personalize workflows and campaigns.  

When business processes are streamlined, teams can maximize the impact of their sales and marketing efforts. This collaboration supports a cohesive approach throughout the entire customer acquisition journey.

Real-life success stories

Enlyft's data platform has already delivered impressive results for numerous companies across various industries.  

pax8—the world’s favorite cloud marketplace for IT professionals to buy, sell, and manage best-in-class technology solutions —depends on Enlyft’s extensive B2B data graph and AI predictions to offer their managed service provider (MSP) partners access to millions of high potential white space targeting accounts to accelerate customer acquisition.  

Similarly, Microsoft experienced a doubling of sales win-rates and a significant increase in marketing qualified leads by targeting accounts using Enlyft's proprietary technographic data and targeting models.

Don't settle for guesswork

Drive meaningful conversations and build trust relationships. Uncovering hidden buyer intent with proprietary data is like unlocking the secret to your customer's preferences, habits, and needs.  

When you dive deep into the behaviors and preferences of your target audience, you unearth new opportunities for growth and expansion. Tap into the power of proprietary data to boost your organization’s success trajectory.

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