Three Ways to Even the Odds in Lead Generation

Lead generation can seem like a tough game of chance without the right insight and the right set of tools upfront. But let's be clear: You're never truly playing dice (although it can certainly feel that way), and there are ways to tilt the odds in your favor. Here are three ways to improve your efforts right away, along with three ways the Enlyft platform can help. 

DON’T cast a wide net and then pick through tons of MQLs hoping to find ideal customers hiding among tons of poor-fit leads and those that are “close enough” (because there is no such thing).

DO use Enlyft to define your ideal customer profile – at the company level and at the person level, using the new Buyer Persona feature, which you can read more about here.‍  Lead gen campaigns are no time to search for who you’re looking for. Instead, start with your ideal customer. You’ll get fewer leads – but higher-quality ones that are more likely to convert.

DON’T manage your incoming leads manually in spreadsheets or other disconnected documents. It’ll eventually become frustrating – and there’s a lot of potential for error in repetitive, manual work. ‍

DO streamline your workflow and keep everything relevant in one place with Enlyft’s CRM integrations. By integrating directly with CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Outreach, Enlyft keeps your pipeline healthy with real-time, accurate info on prospects, including insight into who is most likely to buy.

DON’T hamstring your lead generation efforts by asking your prospects to fill out tons of information in forms, such as company size, budget, technologies used, and other variables. Yes, this info is good for you to know, but many people are averse to filling out long forms (or might not know the info you’re asking about).

DO make it easy for people to show interest in what you’re offering by keeping your ask minimal. Enlyft’s powerful data enrichment has you covered, meaning you can ask for as little information as an email address and Enlyft will do the rest. It’s a win-win: Your prospects get the info they’re interested in without having to bend over backward to do so, and you and your team have all the rich, real-time insights you need.

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