Enlyft earns G2 accolades for account data management, sales intelligence, and marketing account intelligence

April 1, 2024

Our customers have exacting standards, so their satisfaction means a lot to the Enlyft team. We’re excited to be featured across the Spring 2024 reports issued by G2, a leading product review site that evaluates and ranks software products based on user reviews and other factors.

What Enlyft customers appreciate most

Our most recent accolades, announced in the G2 Spring 2024 report, come in the form of prestigious G2 badges.  

Our top badges, supporting Fortune 500 and high-growth companies, fall into the following critical Go to Market categories:

Account Data Management, where Enlyft was recognized as:  

  • Momentum Leader

Marketing Account Intelligence, where Enlyft was recognized as:  

  • Momentum Leader  
  • High Performer  
  • Highest User Adoption

Sales Intelligence, where Enlyft was recognized as:  

  • Momentum Leader  
  • High Performer  
  • Highest User Adoption

What do these important categories stand for?

Read on for more background about each category:  

Account Data Management

Account data management software empowers teams to manage prospect data during their account-based marketing (ABM) process. As a result, sales and marketing teams have continuous awareness of target accounts.  

To maximize your ABM strategy, your sales team needs to know where in the pipeline a prospect is and how likely that prospect is to become a customer.  

Account data management systems can record and communicate relevant account information between the sales and marketing teams, making them more efficient and streamlining communication between the two teams.  

Marketing Account Intelligence

Marketing account intelligence software helps marketers develop a list of accounts that fit a user’s ideal customer profile (ICP) through insightful prospect data.  

By implementing marketing account intelligence systems, teams can avoid traditional “spray and pray" methods. The software empowers marketing teams to maximize their efforts on accounts that have a high likelihood of converting to customers, while minimizing time and money spent on prospects with a low probability of converting.  

Sales teams also get incisive information like a prospect’s role within the company hierarchy or a prospect’s company segment, enabling a more personalized approach.

Sales Intelligence

Teams can use internal and external data to increase sales and improve sales processes when they leverage sales intelligence software.  

This technology helps to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using B2B contact databases to identify new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them, including details like contact information, job titles, and firmographics.

Marketing and sales leaders use sales intelligence software to define and implement sales strategies based on this data, facilitating increased productivity, meaningful connections, and enriched prospect and customer data.

A big thank you to Enlyft customers!

Much as we’re thrilled to receive this recognition from G2, one of our personal favorites is the ‘Users Love Us’ badge. There really is no more compelling reason to be in business than meeting the needs of your customers. So, to everyone who has left us a review, thank you!  

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