Enlyft takes pride in curating rich, deep, and accurate business contact information for inclusion in the Enlyft Directory. Personal Data collected for the Enlyft Directory is limited to what is typically found on a business card, like name, job title, company, work phone number, work email address, work address, and social media. Non-business information, such as home phone numbers and addresses are not permitted in the Enlyft Directory. 

If you reside in the EU or the UK and your business contact information is collected by Enlyft for inclusion in the Enlyft Directory, Enlyft will send you an email notice that includes an overview of the Services and instructions to remove your information from the Enlyft Directory if you wish to opt-out. The Enlyft email notice provides you with the notice required under Article 14 of the GDPR and an opportunity to opt out of the Enlyft Directory. 

You can opt out of the Enlyft Directory by:

  1. Following the instructions on the  “Check-Email” page.
  2. Contacting Enlyft Privacy Support.
  3. Responding to the notification email saying they wish to opt-out.

Questions? Contact Enlyft Privacy Support.