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Receiving updated information pushed into our system is a great feature and allows our team to continue to use Salesforce as the source of truth when it comes to account information.

As a huge fan of reporting, I have to say the best bit about the Enlyft / Salesforce integration is that I can pull information from the Enlyft platform directly into a report for anyone in my Sales team to target.

-Stuart Frampton
Operations Director
Red Education - the leader in specialist training and professional services for the IT community.

Accelerate customer acquisition

  • Find your ideal customers by targeting technology usage, firmographics and hundreds of company attributes
  • Enable your Sales team to gain accurate and extensive overview of your prospects through deep & reliable Sales Intelligence - in real-time for any Lead or Account
  • Use for: qualification, prioritization, personalized outreach
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Data enrichment

  • Instantly append hundreds of account attributes and Enlyft account insights to your Salesforce records
  • Ensure your Salesforce data is always clean and up-to-date with regular Enlyft data refreshes
  • Use for: lead scoring, custom Salesforce formulas, personalized marketing & sales campaigns and more

Workflow automation

Leverage Enlyft data to build optimized sales & marketing workflows.

  • Automatically qualify or disqualify leads based on specific attributes
  • Track relevant account changes and automatically create tasks for your Sales team
  • Instantly route leads to the right Salesperson
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Advanced reporting

Use Enlyft to understand your CRM data, track performance and improve business decisions.

  • Assign Sales territories & plan your overall Sales strategy
  • Proactively monitor the quality of inbound leads & improve marketing investments
  • Visualize your CRM records on industry, segments, lead quality, and more
  • Understand funnel performance for specific geographies or technology adoption

Reliable data for everything Salesforce

Technology usage

Instant access to the richest and most reliable technology usage data in the market.

Buying intent

Enlyft partners with Bombora Company Surge® Intent data so you can focus your sales and marketing efforts on companies that are in the purchase cycle.

500+ of account attributes

Leverage hundreds of B2B attributes to precisely define your ICP and focus your ABM campaigns.

Complete company details

Gain 360 view of each account through reliable and always up-to-date company data, including firmographics, funding, job departments & more.

18+ million companies worldwide

We combine human analysts and proprietary AI models to verify ensure data accuracy for millions of companies at scale.

AI driven lead scoring

Enlyft combines big data with machine learning to enable Sales with real-time lead scoring directly in Salesforce.

Enlyft's Salesforce integration is for:


Identify new sales opportunities, prioritize your outreach and close more deals through personalized and effective account insights.


Seamlessly discover and create target accounts and access detailed data for executing your ABM strategy or personalizing your campaigns.

Data + OPS admins

Fully integrated data manager for your CRM: Improve the quality of your CRM and boost the performance of your teams through best-in-market data.

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