Account Intelligence Data

Enlyft uses proprietary AI mechanisms to collect and maintain the richest, deepest and most reliable coverage of prospect data in the market – for 18+MM companies worldwide.

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Technology usage

Beyond basic company firmographics, technology usage gives you insight into how a company is operating, where they are investing their time and budgets, and often can indicate whether they’re a good fit for your solution as well.

The benefit? You can now focus on the companies that best fit your ideal customer profile. You’ll get more from your budget, be better able to target campaigns and sales outreach, and ultimately, the efficiencies you gain can result in shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates.

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Detailed and up-to-date information about 18+MM companies worldwide. Define your Ideal Customer Profile and find your best prospects based on key business attributes like:

  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Funding
  • Industry
  • Department size
  • SaaS/Cloud adoption score
  • And many more
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Buyer intent

Determine which accounts are most likely to make a purchase, with Bombora’s Company Surge® data layered onto your target account lists.

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Big data and AI

We do the grunt work of collecting, analyzing and validating billions of data points, so you don’t have to. We combine Sales & Marketing optimized AI models with proprietary data collection mechanisms to generate the richest, most reliable and up-to-date database of prospect data in the market. Our AI partners with human Data Scientists to:

  • Continuously crawl the web, scanning billions of documents and unstructured data
  • Extract relevant data, using natural language processing and network configuration analysis
  • Organize and index into structured data, using machine learning-based algorithms
  • Apply data science to determine highly accurate models of which companies are most likely to buy
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Account research, made easy.

No, Enlyft is not just a list of companies. It’s much more.

Sales reps can use Enlyft to dive deep into the profiles of their prospective accounts, getting to understand whether they are using complementary (or competing) technologies, whether they are indicating buying intent, and more. This information empowers buyers with the knowledge to craft a message that resonates with their prospect’s business needs.

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