Data scientist:

What are your biggest challenges?

I deal with mountains of complex data daily

I live and die by my data model quality

My insights sometimes get lost in translation

Now you can dramatically improve marketing and sales effectiveness by uncovering surprising insights from billions of data sources

What is your typical day?

Data scientists are many companies’ secret weapon. The predictive and prescriptive insights they generate can help maximize revenue and sustain competitive advantage.

But with the glory comes a lot of responsibility. If “the data will set you free,” then data scientists are the ones holding the keys for so many business scenarios.

Prescriptive Insights

Empower sales and marketing for success: Share recommendations and their rationale with easily understood AI algorithms and analyses.

Produce highly accurate models and forecasts: Mine the most comprehensive data platform for B2B technology companies.




Thousand Technologies


Business Attributes

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Competitive Analysis

Scope out competitors: Determine how your market share and product technology mixes compare to the competition.

Displace the competition: Identify your strengths and weaknesses across market segments to pinpoint adoption blockers and identify sales or marketing priorities.

Product Launches

Step into your buyers’ shoes: Discover the complete suite of technologies used by millions of companies.

Take out the guesswork: Determine whether companies are using technologies that complement or compete with yours.

Enable better pipeline quality: Proactively identify the companies most likely to buy new products.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

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