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Enlyft helps companies discover and engage the prospects most likely to buy their product. Here’s how and why we got started

Enlyft was born from one entrepreneur’s frustration with traditional company profile databases.

Prior to founding Enlyft, Lokesh Dave spent many years as a software architect for Microsoft and other companies. When he launched his first startup, he approached product development and market segmentation from a systems perspective: what products would satisfy needs of the market, and what companies in each market would be most likely to buy. He built a model of his ideal prospect, using numerous “fit,” “intent,” and other attributes that went beyond the business profile databases at the time. It was an arduous, manual process to research the market, validate products, and develop a go-to-market strategy that would work. The more Lokesh thought about it, the more he realized his best product was the work he was doing.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

And so Enlyft was born.

Originally named iDataLabs, the company offered a more comprehensive database to B2B technology companies–one that included thousands of attributes Lokesh identified as those most likely to signal a real need and likely near-term sales. In the years since, Enlyft has built an entire AI-driven platform that leverages machine learning to discover and understand millions of companies worldwide. The company’s stated mission is to discover and deeply understand all companies with more than 25 employees. Why? Because this market is the growth engine of world economies. The companies targeting this market need a more effective way to engage this market with personalized, account-based marketing – and do so for all accounts, not just the ones they suspect are most important. It’s the best data- and insight-driven way to manage the B2B technology buying process. It’s ABM for ALL accounts. And you can only get it with Enlyft.

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