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The only AI-powered B2B customer intelligence platform to enable ABM for ALL accounts

The Enlyft Platform

Enlyft solutions are powered by an underlying platform built with state-of-the-art technologies, including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Together, these technologies:

  • Continuously crawl the web, scanning billions of documents and unstructured data
  • Extract relevant data, using natural language processing and network configuration analysis
  • Organize and index into structured data, using machine learning-based algorithms
  • Apply data science to determine highly accurate models of which companies are most likely to buy
  • Equip Sales and Marketing with key insights that can be leveraged throughout the buying cycle
  • Continually refine results to improve performance within the context of each client’s business

Predictive Modeling

  • Prioritize account lists based on Enlyft’s always-growing database of more than 14 million companies OR upload your own existing account lists
  • Create models using more than 11,000 technographic, firmographic, and other business attributes, plus add some of your own from your CRM database
  • Tailor models using Enlyft’s modeling application to continually improve results, based on real-world performance
  • Understand the rationale behind each model recommendation, including why each selected account is a good fit

Includes all the PRO features, plus additional capabilities to drive greater results:

  • Add an unlimited number of attributes from your CRM database
  • Generate data-driven recommendations for the most effective messaging by account and buyer group
  • Enjoy extensive data science support to help tackle the most difficult problems

Targeting Application

  • Discover all companies matching a specific technographic profile from more than 14 million worldwide
  • Refine results by multiple firmographic attributes, including size, location, industry, and more
  • Choose the ideal level of support, engaging Enlyft data science experts or using Enlyft’s self-service platform

Data Access

The perfect solution for data scientists

  • Access Enlyft’s complete database of more than 14 million companies, complete with firmographic and technographic data, including more than 11,000 technologies
  • Take advantage of data specifically organized for easy consumption by AI algorithms, predictive models and humans alike

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