About Vassar College


A historically prestigious college with a highly selective admissions process, Vassar College provides a small, scholastically oriented academic experience. Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, in the suburban Hudson Valley a couple of hours from New York City, Vassar has a history of selective admissions, with most students being in the top 20% of their class. Ranked for its exceptional and innovative academics, Vassar offers a wide range in terms of liberal arts, languages and sciences. Programs include highly specialized academic areas like American Culture, Chinese Studies, German Studies, Anthropology, and Victorian Studies. Artistic fields such as Film, Art and Music and scientific-oriented subjects such as Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology and Environmental Studies are also offered. In addition to working closely with faculty, students undertake internships, field work and research either at Vassar or at organizations nearby or in New York City. Since most students at Vassar are hungry for in-depth and rigorous academics, the majority of Vassar graduates go on to pursue master’s degrees in such fields as medicine, law, business and education. Additionally, Vassar is a leading producer of PhD candidates. Over 100 student organizations and over 1,600 events, which include lectures and presentations from world-renowned authors and scholars, student life on the Vassar campus is intellectually and culturally stimulating. For this reason, the majority of students choose to live in one of Vassar’s resident housing complexes. Financial aid offerings include grants, loans, scholarships and fellowships for eligible students in certain departments. For tuition information, contact Vassar College today.

Revenue : 100M-200M Industry : Higher Education Location : United States Employees : 1000-5000

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Vendor Usage

Vassar College uses 5 different technologies from 63 different vendors. They have above average use of several technologies including Perl, PeopleAdmin and GoDaddy.

Product Categories

Vassar College uses products from 65 different product categories. They are particularly heavy users of products in Database Management System, Operating Systems, and Academic Learning Management.

Recently Detected Technologies

Enlyft tracks the use of over 15,000 technologies and has proprietary data on over 18 million companies worldwide.

Technology Category Vendor Usage
Perl Programming Languages Perl
PeopleAdmin Talent Management PeopleAdmin
New Relic Application Performance Management New Relic
Naviance Academic Learning Management Naviance
Moodle Academic Learning Management Moodle

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